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Botera Dispensary (In Progress)

Botera is a brand-new dispensary with multiple locations set to open very soon. We’re proud to say we’ve helped them from the get-go, designing their spaces as well as helping them develop their branding. The first location, seen here, is a former bank that provides the security they need, while our architectural design creates a space that is both highly functional and high-end design. As customers enter, they pass through a security vestibule and into a cozy waiting room where they can set up consultations with dedicated budtenders, place orders on tablets, or head directly into the retail area. Custom millwork establishes a fresh and natural aesthetic while also working as a functional security screen to block the rest of the space. As customers walk around the corner, they are invited into a bright, open sales floor that lets them browse comfortably, really learn about the different products, smell the different strains, and have a more complete cannabis experience. Our custom-designed pegboard wall behind the registers also gives the menu the changeability it needs, with a clever pass-through from the prep room where employees ready orders. Whether customers want to take their time exploring the range of offerings, or they’re just picking up, Botera is poised to help them do it all in a fresh, clean and natural space, and in a very forward-thinking cannabis brand way.

Location: Brockton, MA /
Project Size: 2,546 sf