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Factory Square

Along with handling the architectural and interior design for our in-progress Factory Square project, we also created all of the branding for it. From naming, to logo & identity, to signage & wayfinding, we did it all while working in tandem with the physical design to make sure everything came from the same great, creative place and told a complete story. The factory, Clark Cutler McDermott, was a centerpiece of the Franklin community for over 100 years, so we needed to make sure its past was reflected in the branding. The structures themselves are what people most associate with that history, so it was imperative we represent them somehow. After rounds of exploration and refinement, we landed on an iconic yet modern interpretation of the factory that instantly reminds people of its past, while simultaneously looking towards its future and reinvention. Our signature brick red draws directly from the factory’s exterior, while the typography gives a nod to machinery emblems past. Altogether, the elements work to establish Factory Square as a destination unto itself, a place where people can work, eat, play, and gather for any reason in between. It’s old yet new, sturdy yet flexible, industrial yet inviting, and respectful but innovative. Just like the place it represents.

Services: Naming, Logo & Brand Identity Signage & Wayfinding, Stationery, Tagline, Category & Competitive Analysis, Creative Direction
Creative Collaborator: Hilary Bouvier