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Roxy’s A4CADE

A collaborative project between Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Area Four, Roxy’s A4CADE is Boston’s first arcade bar concept. This being the case, they wanted to make a big, bold statement and firmly establish A4CADE as the Boston arcade bar with a unforgettable, stand-out design. Enter, the speakeasy-style entrance. What appears to be an ordinary walk-in cooler door within the standalone Roxy’s storefront, is actually anything but. Pull the metal handle and a wave of light, sound, and nostalgia pours over you. Video games, pinball, SkeeBall, Pop-A-Shot; you name it, you can play it. Navigate your way via the custom, Pac-Mac-inspired ceiling baffles to find your favorite. Two bars serve up game-inspired cocktails from custom ‘Tetris block’ shelving as cold beer flows from the game-controller taps. A4CADE isn’t just a room with games. It’s a fully immersive, full-on arcade experience. Game on.

Location: Cambridge, MA
Project size: 4,150 sf
Team: Forest City, BLW, R&G, Acentech, TriMark, Bailey Davol