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Summit Dispensary (In Progress)

Cannabis is one of the most rapidly growing categories in the service landscape today. More and more dispensaries are popping up, so to stand out, you really need to make a memorable mark. That’s precisely what JtA aimed to do with Summit, a soon-to-open dispensary on the South Shore of MA. The property was previously a bank which was ideal for our clients’ functional need for security, but it lacked the necessary design punch. To create that we removed the existing, squat second floor and opened it up. We then designed a bright, airy, and one-of-a-kind “greenhouse” to push the Summit brand to its fullest and bring the cultivation language inside in a never-seen-before way. This unique salesfloor serves as the definitive centerpiece of the retail space, giving customers a greater experience beyond just a place to shop. From there, the other areas work to complement this center space. The entry room is functional and comfortable while teeing up the greenhouse reveal. The mural wall en route provides an open area for revolving community art. And the checkout area offers a wide-open reverse view of the entire space. Additional details like a prep room pass-through and a tactile, changeable menu keep the space feeling high-end while also immensely smart. With a design like that, we can only see their business going one way. Up.

Location: Brockton, MA
Project Size:
2,960 sf