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Whole Heart Provisions

Located in Cambridge’s Central Square, Whole Heart Provisions is an amazing fast-casual vegan restaurant that offers fresh-from-scratch bowls and street food snacks that promote the wellbeing of guests and Mother Earth alike. The space had to embody that same wholesome ethos. We started with a major focus on bright, natural light and unprocessed materials. Just as Whole Heart’s menu seeks to allow the natural flavors of its the ingredients speak for themselves, so too does the material pallet of wood, stone, raw steel, copper, and polished concrete. The exterior façade also creates a very intentional “natural break” from the sleek, contemporary materials of the larger building with natural wood and integrated planters. Step inside and you’ll feel instantly at ease. Every part of the design is intended to complement the food experience and refresh guests inside and out.

Location: Cambridge, MA
Project Size: 1,750 sf
Team: Forest City, BLW, Boston Showcase, Justin Kelly