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Our talented team is what makes it all possible and what makes us, us. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, we have a ton of different experience, and we're genuinely nice people. It may sound simple, but those values are at the heart of what JtA is all about. Work hard with great people to create great new things with other great people.
Our Team
Joe Stromer is the Owner and Principal at JtA, which he started in 2008. Joe has over 15 years of experience and specializes in restaurant and residential design. He earned his Master’s in Architecture from Boston Architectural College and his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University. In addition, Joe has over a decade of service industry experience, voted Boston’s Most Beloved Bartender along the way.
Design Director
Alberto Cabré is the Design Director at JtA, overseeing all designs, facilitation of the project teams, and code review. A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Alberto has over 20 years of experience. In addition to working at JtA, he also owns Casa B restaurant in Somerville which gives him a wealth of practical knowledge. He holds his Master’s in Architecture from MIT, his Bachelor’s in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico, and his Professional Chef’s from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.
Director of Business Development
Alex Siekierski is the Director of Business Development at JtA. Alex has been with JtA from the beginning and oversees new business, processes, project delivery, and maintains our client and vendor relationships. Alex is a registered Architect with 15 years of experience and specializes in academic, hospitality and residential design. He holds his Master’s in Architecture from Boston Architectural College, in addition to his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from UMASS Amherst.
Technical Director
Danielle Pactovis is the Technical Director at JtA, overseeing all of the technical and nitty-gritty aspects of design, as well as designing and managing her own projects. Born and raised in Boston, Danielle has over 15 years of experience, previously at Payette, ADD Inc., and Gensler. Some of her most notable projects include the Partners Healthcare Campus in Assembly Row, several projects at Reebok’s and Staples’ respective HQs, and numerous projects at Harvard University. Danielle holds her Masters of Architecture from Syracuse University and her Bachelor’s in Architectural Studies from UMASS Amherst.
Architecture & Sustainability Director
Chris Brown is the Architectural & Sustainability Director at JtA, overseeing a wide range of projects and our sustainability initiatives. With over 25 years of experience in both Boston and Washington D.C., Chris specializes in higher-ed, educational, and sustainable design, and has extensive experience in mixed-use, multi and single-family residential, plus two national memorials. One of Chris’ most notable projects includes the Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab, the third ever ‘Living Building’ and the first K12 facility to meet Cascadia‘s ‘Living Building Challenge’. He holds his Masters in Architecture from the University of Maryland and his Bachelor’s from Colby College.
Interior Design Director
Grace Lopez is the Interior Design Director at JtA, overseeing all interior design, the interior teams, all FF&E, as well as designing and managing her own projects. Originally from Lima, Peru and Montreal, Grace has over a decade of experience between the U.S. and Canada, specializing in large and mid-sized commercial and corporate design. Some of her most notable projects include Deciphera’s headquarters, Oracle, ICER, and Millstreet Capital. Grace holds her Bachelor of Interior Design from Dawson College in Montreal.
Creative Director
Chris Milne is the Creative Director at JtA. Chris comes from the ad world where he has over 15 years of experience in advertising, branding, marketing, and design. Chris oversees all creative and experiential aspects of our projects, as well as develops branding for both JtA’s architectural clients and non-architectural clients. Over the years, Chris has helped develop brands such as Honda, Sam Adams, Disney, Calvin Klein, Zipcar, Boston Private, and many others. He holds his Bachelor’s in Communication from Saint Louis University and his graduate Certificate in Advertising and Copywriting from The Creative Circus.
Senior Project Manager & Interior Designer
Meg O’Brien is a Senior Project Manager and Interior Designer at JtA. Meg is an expert in interior design and helps supervise our interior design process, materials, as well as sourcing. She holds her Bachelor of Studio Arts from the University of Rhode Island with a concentration in printmaking, in addition to her Master’s of Interior Architecture from New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University.
Project Manager & Designer
Geoff Farrell is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA. In addition to designing JtA projects, Geoff is our 3D modeling expert, manages our visual and rendering standards, real-time rendering, plus our VR walkthroughs. Geoff holds both his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a concentration in urban design.
Project Manager & Designer
Austin Drake is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA. Austin spearheads graphics at JtA, manages our visualizations, on top of designing JtA projects. Austin holds both his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a concentration in emerging technologies.
Project Manager & Designer
Sean Trombly is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA. Sean is the resident artist at JtA, designing projects as well as incorporating traditional art into the mix. Sean holds both their Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a concentration on adaptive interventions.
Project Manager & Interior Designer
Isabella Coppolla is a Project Manager and Interior Designer at JtA. Isabella works on all aspects of our interior design process, materials, as well as sourcing. Originally from Vicenza, Italy, Isabella studied Interior Architecture at Mount Ida College and completed her Bachelor’s in Interior Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology.
Project Manager & Designer
Mayra Cabré is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA. Like her brother, Alberto, Mayra is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has over 17 years of experience in architecture, urban design and master planning, and is also heavily involved in the restaurant industry. Mayra holds her Bachelor’s in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico as well as her Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia.
Project Manager & Designer
Nadya Voitenok is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA. Nadya is yet another JtA team member joining us from abroad, originally from Belarus and most recently Canada, where she worked heavily in residential and institutional design. She holds her Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University in Ottawa with a specialization in conservation and sustainability.
Project Manager & Interior Designer
Camille Woods is a Project Manager and Interior Designer at JtA. Camille works on all aspects of our interior design process, materials, sourcing, as well as designing. Originally from Maine, Camille comes to JtA most recently from Ohio and holds her Bachelor’s in Interior Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology.
Project Manager & Designer
Jim DiBurro is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA in addition to being our resident scan master and point cloud expert. Jim oversees the majority of our base condition documentation and makes sure every one of our projects starts off with the right informational foundation. He holds his Master of Architecture from Northeastern University and his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Project Manager & Designer
Megan Morrison is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA. In addition to working on all kinds of projects at JtA, Megan also has a large amount of experience in healthcare, corporate, higher-ed, lab, and passive house design. Originally from Maryland, Megan holds her AAS in Architecture from Montgomery College and is wrapping up her Bachelor of Architecture at Boston Architectural College.
Project Manager & Designer
Artem Batuyev is a Project Manager and Designer at JtA. Artem is another member of our international contingent, originally from Kyiv, Ukraine. Along with working on different types of projects at JtA, Artem also has extensive experience in digital design and rendering. He holds both his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he is also an adjunct professor.
Lead Brand Designer
Elanie Blais is the Lead Brand Designer at JtA who develops and creates branding for both our architectural and non-architectural clients. Over the years, Elanie has helped shape brands of all types and sizes, from hospitality, to restaurants, to consumer-packaged goods, tech startups, and many more. She holds her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the University of Connecticut.
Office Manager
Dan Soszynski is our office manager who loves answering phones and keeping things organized. He has over 10 years of experience working within organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and General Assembly. He holds his Bachelor of Science in History and a minor in Business Administration from Northeastern University. Outside of the office, he enjoys knitting, crochet, hiking and baking.
Some Kind Words
JtA! It has been a great experience working with JtA in developing my cannabis retail facility and branding. Their team developed a great design while keeping my ideas and values in mind. It was great to be involved throughout the process with our weekly meetings and updates with their entire team. It really felt like they cared about my dispensary as much as I did. I look forward to working with them on future projects.​
Kinjal Patel
Joe and his team aren’t architects, they’re problem solvers and solution makers. They help you realize the bottlenecks and layout constraints you didn’t even know you had, and then help you realize a greater vision for what your company and space could look like – all with impeccable modern design in mind. Joe and his team were there every single step of the way from the initial brainstorming, to sketching out numerous possibilities and directions, to rendering the final picture, and even having us virtually walk through a 3-D model of our re-imagined space. The final icing on the cake was that JtA doesn’t just hand you over these designs and leave you to your own devices. They’re invested from start to end – they even came to our Grand Re-Opening! They’re project managers rolled into architects and they help keep everyone (including yourself) on task – especially the contractors! Without JtA, we wouldn’t have dreamed big enough, the project would’ve taken twice as long, and we probably would’ve spent a lot more time/energy/money trying to project manage the whole undertaking. I wholeheartedly and emphatically recommend Joe and his team for anyone looking to revamp their business!
Jason Pak
Achieve Fitness
Joe helped us design our very first restaurant in 2015, and we’ve been working with him and his team ever since. We love their creative process, their attention to detail, and the level of care they have put into every single project for us so far. To top things off, they’re probably the friendliest group of people you’ll ever meet.
James DiSabatino
Roxy’s & Whole Heart Provisions
We have worked with Joe the Architect for several years on both residential and commercial projects. All of these projects have been successful and have run smoothly. The entire team takes a warm, nurturing approach to fully understand a client’s vision and provide creative solutions to achieve their goals. Communication is clear, complete and concise. We will continue to recommend JtA to all of our potential clients, and are happy to call them our friends.
Cornelia Hoskin
Bailey Davol / Studio Build
Fast Casual is the fastest growing restaurant segment in the industry. There is a mad dash to become the next Chipotle. So you end up seeing a lot of cookie cutter restaurants with no soul, trying to crank out locations. Then there is Joe. Joe has given a unique flair to each of our restaurants that we are so proud and happy of. Not only that, but he is timely, budget conscious, and works really well with the existing space. No joke, whenever anybody in the restaurant industry asks me for a recommendation for an architect, Joe is the first and last person that comes to mind.
Ian So
Chicken & Rice Guys
Working with Joe and his team was the best decision and investment I made when opening up my first permanent brick and mortar location in Boston’s South End. I had taken a leap by signing a 3-5 year lease, after two years of doing pop-ups, and I knew I wanted to do a customized build-out to best use the functionality of the space to create a design aesthetic and build with permanent retail fixtures. I wanted the space to be built with a focus on quality as well as designed in a way that could potentially be replicated and feel “branded”. From the start, Joe understood my vision and was able to help with everything from the layout to the lighting. We had an aggressive timeline and he was key in making sure the project stayed on track, on budget, and we were able to open right before the holidays.
Kristen Lambert
Third Piece
We were looking for a one-stop-shop to take the lead on our office renovation project — someone who could help with creativity, experience, and common sense. We’re so glad to have found JtA – they made the whole process easy. From gathering our initial requirements to coordinating the design phase, to overseeing the actual build-out, JtA was competent, professional and absolutely enjoyable to work with. We’re so excited about our new office. Thank you, Joe & Team.
Mathias Knops
Working with the JtA team was a breeze. From the very beginning, JtA set expectations on timeline and pricing, and the project never strayed from those expectations. Seantel was prepared for every meeting and her turnaround time for sending agendas or follow-up documents was always right on time. She’s amazing. Our follow-up questions were always answered quickly and clearly. We can’t say enough good things about working with this team. JtA works efficiently, openly, and they provide excellent insight. We were in uncharted territory re-imagining our future home, and their expertise in every detail went a long way. We’re so excited to bring our plans to light. Thank you JtA!
Daniela & Andrew
Residential Clients
As a general contractor, I’ve crossed paths with a wide variety of architects. In addition to time efficiency and accuracy, the professionalism, organization, and out-of-the-box thinking JtA offers really sets them apart from the rest. When it came time to select an architect for a project at my personal residence, JtA seemed like the obvious choice and I was not disappointed. I wholly recommend their services to anyone seeking an architect.
Nick Stamos
Fresh Start Contracting
Our experience with JtA has been nothing short of spectacular. Right from the outset, Joe and his team invested significant time into getting to know us – both as a brand and as people – to make sure that the outcome truly reflects what we want. The quality of their work product speaks for itself, but it’s the process that really makes it special. They ask great questions, listen deeply, and apply their experience to bring the space to life in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Their communication is also flawless: they send action-oriented emails, provide thorough recaps, and expertly quarterback architect/GC/landlord coordination. We’re beyond thrilled with JtA, and will definitely be calling them again for our next project.
Adam Romanow
Castle Island Brewing
We met Alex from JtA in a parking lot after being approved by the Planning Board for one of our dispensary licenses. A few months later, we were looking for an architect to help us design our facility and Alex happened to reach out. After understanding their design approach with other facilities, we decided to go with their firm. JtA made our ideas into a beautiful dispensary where our employees will enjoy working and our customers will have an amazing experience. One of the main highlights for us has been the weekly team meetings. They’ve given us a chance to be involved throughout the entire design process. Since we had such a great experience, we asked them to help us design the other two cannabis facilities for our company and have recommended them to other colleagues in the business. Thank you JtA team!
Chirag Patel
We’ve worked with Joe and his team on two projects now, one for our business and one for our home. For our business, Joe was able to turn our idea of having a non-traditional retail space for our bespoke suiting business into a reality. Joe designed this cool showroom with a lounge and a bar that is more reminiscent of a hip downtown loft than a traditional store with racks of merchandise. When it came down to renovating our home, we turned to Joe and his team again. They more than delivered. We now have a home that is much more functional than it was before, both beautiful and comfortable for our growing family.
Samantha Shih
As a barbershop owner, we’ve always imagined creating the perfect space aesthetically and functionally for our guests and barbers. Working with JtA truly simplified this process and got us to an end result further and simpler than we imagined. Not only is our shop complimented every day by guests admiring the beautiful architecture and design, but it’s also the most functional shop I’ve ever stepped into. The best part of the space is the fact that our barbers can communicate with one another, but at the same time, the design makes it easy for us to keep conversations 1-on-1 with our clients. We have the capability to allow someone to feel like they are the #1 focus while getting their haircut. We asked the JtA team to create a place where our barbers love to work and our guests love to visit. I’d say they knocked it out of the park. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks guys!
Evan Georgopoulos
Barber’s Den
Working with Joe and team was an incredible experience. So much so that their team is considered our team as we move forward to more ventures. We have no intention of using anyone else. Joe and his squad are fair, courteous, and look at things from every angle. Appreciated too is that they all seem to genuinely care for each other, and respect each other. That’s a squad we can get down with.
Joshua Weinstein​
The Quiet Few
We decided to work with Joe and his team because of his knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. They worked with us every step of the way, always guiding us with helpful insights and suggestions, and brought our vision for the space to life. We would absolutely recommend their services and are already working on our next project with them.
Seizi & Mindy Imura
Cafe Sushi