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Achieve Fitness

Achieve Fitness is an absolute anomaly in the fitness world. They don’t just want people to work out there; they want people to be supported in every possible way and truly feel like they belong there.

And with an amazing amount of hard work over the years, they’ve been able to do just that by creating an incredible fitness community that every body can be a part of, beyond their four walls. Still, those four walls and their branding needed some sprucing up. We helped them tackle both with a complete rebrand and an architectural redesign that streamlined their functionality, strengthened their messaging, and set them apart even more. From the new space to the new logo, to the new tagline, and an array of new hand-painted murals, now absolutely everything about Achieve Fitness exudes their approachability, openness, and welcoming nature. It’s all simple, clean, functional, and fun, just like Achieve Fitness. A gym doesn’t need to be a closed-up, daunting place. Nor should it. Achieve Fitness is a testament to that, and we’re incredibly proud to help them spread that inclusivity and positivity to their space and the larger fitness space beyond. Sweat out. Happiness In.
Somerville, MA
4,700 sf
Brand Design
Logo & Identity
Mural Design & Painting
Brand Strategy
Hilary Bouvier
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