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Eva's Little Kitchen

Eva’s Little Kitchen is the longtime labor of love of Eva Badra, who started the meal delivery service in her own little kitchen. Since then, she’s cooked, baked, sautéed, and flambéed her way to a robust customer base and the need for a much larger space.

We were honored to help make Eva’s lifelong dream a reality by designing a commercial kitchen and retail café for her. We also helped her completely rebrand with a new logo, identity system, packaging, copywriting, website, menus, and more. Eva puts so much love and care into helping others that we made sure we did the same for her by creating both a space and brand that were as equally thoughtful. Eva's Little Kitchen might not be as little as it once was, but its mission to bring people together through food now has plenty of room to grow.
Bedford, MA
Brand Design
Logo & Identity
Menu Design
Website Design
Haynes Group
Michelle Nenciu
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