All of the bakery.
None of the gluten.

Twist Bakery

Twist serves up some of the tastiest baked goods around. Plus, every single one of them is gluten-free. To help them share that deliciousness, we transformed a space that was a previous concept and reimagined it to better serve Twist’s unique needs.

Certain areas of the space were still useful, but other parts needed to be rethought to create different functional experiences for different user types. Within the design, we incorporated areas for order-aheads, takeouts, quick sit-ins, meetings, espresso bar orders, as well as general dine-in and hanging out The new café design made space for them all while still maintaining a bright, open, and fresh feeling which is right in line with the Twist brand. Stop by and give them a taste for yourself.
Burlington, MA
2,500 sf
Right Angle Home Improvement
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