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B/SPOKE South Boston

What started out as a temporary pandemic space has now become a full-fledged fitness destination. We helped our B/SPOKE friends design their brand-new South Boston home with style and then some. To say it’s a vibe, is an understatement.

Enter from the street and you’re immediately hit with the energy. The exposed industrial bones of the building tee up the raw and hardworking nature of the experience, while sleek tile, vibrant colors, and dynamic lighting balance the grit and give a jolt of refinement. Head to the check-in desk, grab a pair of ride shoes from the wall display and get ready to push your limits. As you head up the main stairway, custom graffiti, neon, and music envelope you and make you really feel the space. At the top, compression gives way to release. Turn left to head to the Lab and let it all pour out. Looking for even more intensity? Turn right and saddle up in the state-of-the-art Ride room. Lights, music, murals, flow together as you bust out the miles in an experience that you have to pedal through to believe. Once you’ve left it all in there, toss your shoes down the shoe chute, head to the posh locker room, pose that hard-earned confidence in the mirrors, and clean up to show it off. Everything about the B/SPOKE space is meant to excite, energize, and empower.
South Boston, MA
7,900 sf
Brand Design
Creative Direction
National Development
Iron Works Boston
Pimentel Construction
DSO Creative Fabrication
Reflex Lighting
SRP Sign
Fast Signs Waltham
Merk Aveli
Croc Paints
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