Growing from
one location to two.

Botera Franklin

Building off of our design for Botera’s flagship location, we approached the Franklin location through the same brand and material lens. The existing warehouse space afforded us immense room, but it lacked the approachability and welcoming experience we needed to impart.

To achieve those things, we focused our attention on bringing the height of the space down while also creating moments of upward attention and intrigue. As customers first enter, they pass through an initial moment of compression. But as they turn the corner from the waiting area onto the sales floor, the space opens up wide as natural light pours in. You can’t help but feel free to explore. You can see and smell the massive range of strains on the main table. You can peruse loads of branded products on the side tables. And you can chat one-on-one with any of the budtenders roaming around. We were also able to take care of the employees too. Given the extra height of the space, we added a small second-floor above the checkout area, with a suite of offices and a large conference room. In the end, everything feels very much in line with the Botera brand we’ve helped build, but with an individualistic flair that is unique to this location.
Franklin, MA
5,462 sf
Creative Direction
Brand Design
Logo & Identity
Vantage Builders
Cannabis Creative
Hilary Bouvier
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