If it ain't broke,
design around it.

Brewer’s Fork

The design for Brewer’s Fork was inspired by the incredible personality and amazing patina of the existing Charlestown building. Rather than cover up the old, we fully embraced its irreplaceable character and put it front and center.

We exposed the brick and CMU walls that had long been forgotten, and complemented them, with a custom, salvaged wood ceiling. Indirect LEDs highlight the planks as they cast a warm, bygone glow onto the dining room below. We were careful to keep both the material palette and execution of the overall design simple, allowing not only the building to shine, but also the amazing food. It's a modern interpretation of a cozy, colonial Charlestown tavern that you want to hang out in again and again. Hear ye.
Charlestown, MA
2,100 sf
Brewer's Fork
LaFauci Tile
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