Up, up, down, down,
left, right, left, right, B, A, sip.

Roxy’s A4cade

A collaborative project between Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Area Four, Roxy’s A4cade is Boston’s first arcade bar. This being the case, they wanted to make an unforgettable statement and firmly establish A4cade as Boston's arcade bar.

Enter, the speakeasy-style experience. Step off the street and you think you've simply entered another delicious Roxy's location. You're not wrong, but if you poke around further you'll realize that the walk-in cooler is anything but. Pull the metal handle and a wave of light, sound, and nostalgia pours over you... 'It's a-me, Mario!', 'Get over here!', 'I'll be back.' Video games, pinball, SkeeBall, Pop-A-Shot; you name it, you can play it. Simply navigate your way via the Pac-Mac-inspired ceiling baffles and find your favorite. Need to pause and re-up? Two bars serve up game-inspired cocktails from ‘Tetris block’ shelving as beer flows from game-controller taps. Game on.
Cambridge, MA
4,150 sf
Creative Direction
Forest City
Bailey Davol
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