How New Balance
does beer.

Broken Records

New Balance has been at the forefront of athletic innovation since the beginning. Its latest endeavor, The Track, is no exception. It's a state-of-the-art sports facility with a hydraulically-banking track, a turf field that rolls out like a yoga mat, and a professional athlete lab.

The Track is also the anchor of its own growing neighborhood in Boston. As such, New Balance wanted to create a striking, modern beer hall to be its hospitality centerpiece. JtA had the pleasure of creating every part of it with architecture, interiors, and brand design. The big challenge and opportunity for the project was to create both a space and an experience that everyone from athletes, to fans, concert goers (Roadrunner music hall is nextdoor), office workers, residents, and everyone in between could come and enjoy. So it couldn’t be just some track-themed bar, or just a music bar, or some generic catch-all. Instead, we leaned into the shared physical and analog nature of sport, music, and socializing as our design focus. Everything is active, fluid, communal, very social, and constantly in motion. The heart of it all is a custom-designed, analog, split-flap menuboard that we created in collaboration with our friends at Oat Foundry. You can literally see and hear the menu move. You can see the drafts update in real time. You can get live Track and concert updates on it. You can even interact with it via an app, customize it for events, or see who is moving up the trivia night leaderboard. It’s always going and keeping everything in motion. Broken Records is the common ground where sport, music, food, and drink come together. Where the night goes from there? It's up to you.
Boston, MA
6,000 sf
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New Balance
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