A whole new kind
of greenhouse.


Cannabis is one of the most rapidly growing categories in the service landscape today. And with more and more dispensaries popping up, you really need to make a memorable mark. That's exactly what we did on everything for Cannapi, from building to branding.

The property was previously a bank, which was ideal for our clients’ need for security, but it lacked the necessary design punch. To create that, we removed the existing second floor and entirely opened it up. We then designed a bright, airy, and one-of-a-kind “greenhouse” to push the Cannapi brand to its fullest and bring the cultivation language inside in a never-seen-before way. This unique sales floor serves as the definitive centerpiece of the retail space and gives customers an experience well beyond just a place to shop. Beyond that, we also created all of the branding and graphic design for Cannapi. From the logo to the identity system, to the packaging, and the original hand-painted mural, we did it all. Because, as we said, it shouldn’t be just a place to shop. Space, brand, and all aspects of design need to work together to create a larger, more encompassing experience. An experience that people want to be in, and in their lives.
Brockton, MA
2,960 sf
Brand Design
Logo & Identity
Mural Design & Painting
Hilary Bouvier
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