Nothing Old Ironsides
about it.


Dovetail is the delightful neighborhood restaurant and wine bar of Charlestown’s historic Navy Yard. Like its sibling, Brewer’s Fork, it’s thoughtful in everything it does. We had the pleasure of designing it for our repeat clients to bring modern American dining to a historic American location.

The character of the existing building is undeniable, and we worked hard to preserve it while layering on a new, modern-industrial aesthetic. The space is, in reality, three– a dining room, a bar, and a provisions shop filled with tasteful goodies. Each area is given its design due for function and experience, but they all still hold together as a singular space. One element that helps to connect the areas is the custom-designed, exposed ceiling conduit. In addition to being a functional necessity, we arranged it to flow together, then branch off toward its respective fixtures. This creates a path-like piece that helps guide you through the space while cementing the modern-industrial vibe. The sailors of yore wished they had a place like this.
Charlestown, MA
3,873 sf
Stack & Co.
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