Tide-to-table design


Over the last decade, Eventide has established itself as one of the premiere places for seafood in New England. It began in Portland and has continued here in Boston. We had the opportunity to get in on the shucking and design the latest iteration of their space.

The location started as a fast-casual model, but our friends wanted to transform it into a full-service restaurant and bar. As we dove in, we knew we wanted to keep some familiar elements but carve out a distinctly new vibe as well as a variety of spaces that the Fenway neighborhood’s diverse range of visitors could enjoy. The result is an elevated yet approachable design that serves up Eventide’s James Beard award-winning seafood in an unforgettable and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re throwing back a few dozen oysters before the Sox game or ordering a bottle of Grand Cru to celebrate something special, yes, please to all of it.
Boston, MA
2,383 SF
Samuels & Associates
Mystic Scenic Studio Inc
Ominilite Illuminate
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