A fresh future
for a storied past.

Factory Square

There are lots of great old buildings out there waiting to be restored and repurposed. But how you breathe new life into them is what really makes them stand apart. That’s exactly what we aimed to do with the former site of Clark Cutler McDermott, which called our site home for over 100 years.

The factory was a centerpiece of the Franklin community for generations and we were tasked with reimagining it for a modern mix of tenants ranging from restaurant and brewery, industrial, wellness, professional services, and retail. Beyond that, we needed to make it much more than a 9 to 5 business park. We needed to create a morning through night, weekday through weekend destination, and a new community centerpiece. We worked on everything, including the architecture, interiors, as well as brand design. Throughout the process, one informed the others and helped us reimagine the place as a much more complete experience. One that was careful to preserve and highlight the buildings' original character--the brick, the enormous wooden trusses, and the signature window cutouts--while also layering on modern elements such as glass, industrial steel, and warm wood. We wanted to create a sense of finally "opening the factory up” and reimaging pieces of it, like the wooden conveyor belt-inspired continuous bench, for all to enjoy. Similarly, we leaned into those same elements and same thinking when creating the new name, logo, and identity. It’s familiar yet new, sturdy yet flexible, industrial yet inviting, and respectful but innovative. Just like the place it represents. Design after design, iteration after iteration later, Factory Square is (re)born as a place that everyone in Franklin can share, remember the past, reinvent the future for 100 years more.
Franklin, MA
Brand Design
Brand Strategy
Logo & Identity
Hilary Bouvier
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