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Norway Igloo

In Norwegian, it means "recharge the senses", and it's the entire purpose of our Igloo project in the north of Norway.

The city of Tromsø is located 190 miles north of the Arctic Circle. At this latitude, not only is it quite cold, but it’s also extremely varied in the amount of daylight it sees. In the winter, long days transition to polar night, where the sun doesn’t rise from November 25th to January 15th. In the summer, total darkness gives way to constant light, with no true night between March 27th and September 17th. As such, the need for a break is much needed. Enter the Norway Igloo. Situated on a long-abandoned and repurposed jetty, the Igloo is a welcoming, communal wellness space. The main feature is the large, invigorating sauna. Here residents can gather together, warm up, and soak in the beautiful scenery. Then, when they need to cool off, they simply step outside onto the accompanying deck and take a dip in the crisp fjord. The deck and main entry dock serve the same purpose in the summer. If visitors aren’t looking to get wet, they can take in the natural elements on the patio or step inside and enjoy drinks, food, and music in the indoor bar space. At the Igloo, there’s something for everyone to recharge as they see fit. Sustainability also features prominently within the Norway Igloo. The “recharge of senses” experienced through cycle of sauna and sea extends literally to the energy conservation principles within the Igloo itself, where heating of sauna air consumes the building’s greatest portion of energy. The building’s heating system mirrors the user’s experience via an exchange loop of sea-water-to-warm-air. During dark winter months the Igloo’s all-electric heating system harnesses temperate water from the adjacent sea. Energy recovery ventilation moderates the distribution of hot sauna air to other spaces, optimizing the building’s overall heating approach. In summer months, seasonal photovoltaics are employed to take advantage of abundant daylight to generate electricity on site. Micro wind turbines are located discretely along the pier to capture energy from consistent harbor breezes year-round.
Tromsø, Norway
3,043 sf
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