Once a pool hall.
Now a venture capital firm.

Section 32

We love adaptive reuse and reimagining old spaces. The newest office for our friends at Section 32 was a fun opportunity to do that, and we were excited that they were just as game for it as we were.

The space is located within Alexandria Center at One Kendall Square, which in days of yore, was the Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Company factory. More recently, our specific space was the long-loved home of Flat Top Johnny’s, the area’s treasured pool hall and watering hole. We and our clients both share fond memories of that space, so we collectively worked to maintain pieces of it, as well as the building’s manufacturing past. The result is a balanced mix of innovation, history, technology, comfort, business, and nostalgia. At the entrance, guests and clients are welcomed by a communal café, living room, and flexible gathering space. As you make your way into the middle of the office, you find the large glass conference room, which serves as the central point of ideation. Look through the glass to the back of the office, and you'll see the former pool hall's signature mural, preserved and accented with pool cue neon. You can still even rack them up on the custom Section 32 pool table. Overall the office is comfortable and fun but also very professional and hardworking. We couldn’t be happier with how the space turned out, and we give major kudos to our trusting clients for working together to create a truly unique and reimagined space. One that hopefully fosters meaningful healthcare and technology breakthroughs far into the future.
Cambridge, MA
3,000 sf
Section 32
Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Wise Construction
Red Thread
Boston Art
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