Bright and cheerful
for one big, happy family.

Somerville Residence

This Somerville family absolutely loves their vibrant and close-knit neighborhood. But their outdated condo needed to be rethought and updated to suit their modern needs. As fellow Somervillans, we were more than happy to help out.

We started the renovation by reconfiguring the main level to make it more open and more usable so that the whole family could spend more time together. We brought the dining room closer to the new kitchen and opened everything up to the living room. From there, we went upstairs, where we were able to add more square footage by designing a new dormer. This allowed us to open up the stairs to the downstairs living space, further connecting the family, and let us add a much needed additional wet bathroom and more bedroom space upstairs. It’s beautiful form and everyday function at its finest. But the real magic of the project was getting to know our clients as neighbors, hearing what they value most, and designing to their family’s joyful spirit. As a result, their home means that much more.
Somerville, MA
Bailey Davol
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