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Soul City Yoga

Soul City Yoga’s mission is to create a yoga space where inclusivity, diversity, and representation are number one. As soon as anyone walks through the door, they should feel welcome regardless of race, gender, age, body type, fitness level, or skill level.

We couldn’t agree more with that mission, so it was an honor to design their second location to help spread that message. So to start the Soul City experience off right, we created a bright, warm, and inviting entry to immediately welcome visitors in. Here, students can sit down and start to get comfortable while studio employees check them in. The existing windows let in lots of natural light, and we wanted to make sure that same light could make its way into the studio space, so we designed large overhead windows and an opaque door to make sure it could pour through. To add a final layer of familiar calm, we added soft uplighting to fill the space and accented the ceiling with decorative tin panels. Now it’s a relaxing and welcoming place that absolutely anyone can call om.
Malden, MA
900 sf
Unique Ventures
Streetlight Ventures
CSI Engineering
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