The future is here.
And it's delicious.


Spyce is truly the first of its kind restaurant where your meal is entirely cooked by robots. Yes, robots. Designed by its four MIT grad founders, Spyce’s robot kitchen creates made-to-order bowls with real, farm-fresh and unprocessed foods for less than a meal at McDonald’s.

Needless to say, we were beyond thrilled to be a part of its mission, providing quick, healthy, and delicious meals that are affordable for all. The design challenge was to balance this newfangled tech with the old-school friendliness us humans need. To do that, we used the precedent of a classic French kitchen as our inspiration for the material palette. We took the traditional copper pan and clad the robot in it. We took the marble countertop and turned it into the service line. We took the basic butcher block and created a large, central table with ordering tablets. And finally, we took simple kitchen cabinets and anchored the service line with them. Functionally, we then utilized the protective cover of Pi Alley outside as an additional staging cue for the long lines of hungry customers. We extend the same copper cladding out there as well, plus added large windows so all could see in and watch the robot work. The result is a very approachable and welcoming, high-tech space that is less Jetsons and more Julia Child.
Boston, MA
1,210 sf
Naoya Ddahiro
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